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        Established in 2002, Honshu Technology Co., Ltd. was first known as Xinchangfeng Electronic Co., Ltd and then renamed as Huizhou Xunshuo Technology Co., Ltd. We are located in Baiguo Garden, Meihua Forest Farm, Boxin Road, Luoyang Town, Boluo City, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Currently, our company covers an area of 20,000 m2, with over 700 employees and a total investment of more than USD 20 million.We are the R&D (Research and Development) and producing base of heat-cooling products with largest scale and the most perfect industrial chain in China. Our main products are The Radiator, Vapor Chamber, Heat Pipe, with a monthly production capacity exceeding 2500K, 200K, 700K respectively.

        Our products include computers, Home Appliances, Communications, 3C, Automobile and other fields. The company is equipped with nine production lines and six automatic motor production lines, which are supported monthly production capacity 80 million. We have strong self-development teams that are capable of providing customized design, which meets the different needs of ODM and DIY markets. Through continuous self-integration, driving by  research and development, and based on manufacturing capacity of full process heat-cooling,  Xunshuo Technology Co., Ltd., is confident to provide our customers with all-round services. 

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