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        We are committed to the cooling technology development, manufacturing as well as sales, and provide the best solution for heat cooling to Communication Information, Office Equipment, Home Appliance, Lighting, Transportation, Military and other fields in China. It is the bounden duty of Xunshuo to solve the hot-centered problems that is caused by various types of PC, Close-type Cooling Component and Electronic Stream. And Xunshuo has become extremely indispensable fresh blood with the rapid development of heat cooling technology. Our company owns specialized research and development teams that are capable of customizing solutions of heat cooling based on customer original data, which include Theoretical Calculation, Fluid Simulation, Structural Design, Engineering Sample, Process Control, Cost Optimization and Mass Production. The technology process is involved with VC, Heat Pipe, Form-relieved Tooth, Extrusion, CNC processing, Forging, Welding, Injection molding, Stamping and Close-fitting, Appearance Anode. The products are applied to the diversified heat cooling systems of Conventional Mandatory, Passiveness, Water-cooling Integral, Refrigerant, etc.

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